Team: Our designs show our team’s industrial design capability. We create iconic designs, with optimized ergonomics. Users see and feel the quality of our designs. Design awards recognize our professional achievements. The market rewards our clients for great designs.

Design Process: We consider management objectives, user needs, market trends and technology. We design concurrently with engineering. We push past preconceived limits to achieve exceptional results.

Start: We clarify C-level design goals and vision. We define how design will support the company's strategy.

Function First: We create functional concepts that optimize product size, human factors, and solve system engineering problems. User research guides human factor considerations. Our engineering team concurrently proves feasibility through analysis and testing. We create a foundation design concept that is feasible, well proportioned, and solves major engineering problems.

Design Concepts: We create design concepts that inspire our visionary clients. We go beyond preconceived boundaries. Our concepts express a brand message, the creative use of materials, and aesthetic forms. Concepts are developed concurrently with engineering, usability testing, and design for manufacturing. The result is an inspired design concept that is technically feasible with a clear path to manufacturing.

Final Design: We transition from concept development to a production design. Our industrial design team defines the product’s exact final form, details, finishes and graphics. Concurrently, our engineering team develops the production design for manufacturing.