Team: We have an experienced mechanical engineering team. They transform our industrial design concepts into beautiful, production-ready designs. They seek challenges, find practical solutions to difficult problems, and follow through to production.

Start: Our engineering and industrial design teams work concurrently. They evaluate inputs from clients such as components, specifications, difficult technical problems and regulations. We team up with every client and align to unified goals.

Functional Design: We document and verify pre-defined components. We create requirements that guide component selection. As our industrial design team develops concepts, our engineering team solves internal engineering problems such thermal management and structural durability. We use analysis tools such as FEA and CFD simulation. We design, build and test proof of concept models. We evaluate and mitigate risks throughout every project.

Engineering and Design for Manufacturing: We utilize our extensive experience designing, documenting and releasing new product designs for manufacturing. We create product cost and performance objectives for parts, assemblies and tooling. We select materials and processes. Tolerances are carefully managed. We collaborate with exceptional vendors. Our goal is a seamless transition through tooling and production release. Millions of dollars in tooling and parts have been built to specifications we defined. We have a quality process that assures predictable outcomes.

Regulatory Integration: We routinely design products to meet various UL, CE, RoHS and FDA regulations. We support the client through testing, provide design documentation, resolve any issues, and help guide the process. (See Regulatory Compliance.)